17/03/2009 13:18:39
1.168 MB
A short video of WinGrowl in action. :)
28/06/2007 10:21:35
4.190 KB
Source code for the GNU app `time`, from a FreeBSD 4.10 box.
02/04/2007 10:46:23
41.661 KB
A hellanzb client that's in development over at Zerifas.
14/03/2007 20:39:47
19.908 KB
A really basic app I made to have a go at creating a custom view in Cocoa.
25/01/2007 10:20:44
115.107 KB
My utterly broken XCode! :(
11/01/2007 03:13:12
8.415 MB
A screencast of an app I made tonight, to add an exposé-like feature to a browser. IE 7 does this on windows, so I expect that Safari will in Leopard. But that's so far away!