31/05/2010 15:25:57
2.525 MB
23/03/2009 01:57:29
1.076 MB
A short clip of the upcoming HellaNZB controller I'm making for iPhone.
16/04/2008 03:59:38
159.509 KB
My attempt at a one-to-many app in Cocoa. I *suck*.
07/05/2007 05:33:06
27.006 KB
A clone of the popular Nokia-phone game 'Snake', for Mac OS X.
02/04/2007 10:46:23
41.661 KB
A hellanzb client that's in development over at Zerifas.
14/03/2007 20:39:47
19.908 KB
A really basic app I made to have a go at creating a custom view in Cocoa.
11/01/2007 03:13:12
8.415 MB
A screencast of an app I made tonight, to add an exposé-like feature to a browser. IE 7 does this on windows, so I expect that Safari will in Leopard. But that's so far away!
03/09/2006 23:40:41
42.256 KB
I made this very simple note-taking app.