Improve shell start-up time when using nvm

I was finding terminal sessions took a long time to start up on my machine, and eventually discovered that nvm was taking the majority of the start-up time.

In order to mitigate this, I came up with a way to only load nvm when it was really needed, but still keep access to my default node installation.

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Improve shell start-up time when using nvm

Intro to jq

General usage

$ jq --help
jq - commandline JSON processor [version 1.4]
Usage: jq [options] <jq filter> [file...]
For a description of the command line options and
how to write jq filters (and why you might want to)
see the jq manpage, or the online documentation at

Try looking at raw json

cat data.json

Pretty ugly, right? Let's see if we can't make it more readable.

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Intro to jq
Mat Gadd